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Shop List Go

Grocery shopping lists made easy

Shop List Go allows you to quickly maintain lists of groceries and other items you need by using three lists: Favorites (a list of items you frequently buy), Shopping List (the list of items you currently need), Shopping Cart (the list of items you have put into your cart).

Add items to your Shopping List by browsing your Favorites, searching your Favorites, or by adding the new item directly to your Shopping List. As you shop, you move items from your Shopping List to your Shopping Cart list. Before you pay, compare your Shopping Cart list with what is in your actual shopping cart to make sure you didn't forget anything. After you pay, empty your Shopping Cart list by using the toolbar button to clear its contents. Get the app

Shop List Go features

Works on all iPhones, iPads, and iPods

Shop List Go has been optimized to take advantage of the larger screen size of the iPhone 5 but continues to work equally well on older iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Customize the items in your lists

You can easily add your own new items to your Favorites, Shopping List, or both. Likewise, you can easily remove items from either list.

Customize item categories

The default list of Favorites contains common grocery store categories, but you can add new categories whenver you add a new item. You can name categories anything you like. A category could be the name of a store, or the name of a person you need to buy the item for. You can remove a category simply be removing all the items in that category. And you can use the Settings page to arrange the display order of the categories to match your shopping habits.

Searchable favorites

Shop List Go has been design to make creating shopping lists easy. You can add an item to your shopping list by browsing the Favorites list, but if your Favorites list is long, its faster to search. Simply touch the search button on the Favorites list, and type a few characters of the item you are looking for. Your list will immediatly show only those items that match.

Select from four text sizes

Change the size of the text in the diplays to suit your style. Large sizes are easier to read. Smaller sizes display in multiple columns and reduce scrolling.


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